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Essential Pet Care for ANY Economic Era

Posted by Lindsey Haile on Tuesday, May 17, 2011,

Veterinary Care is a tough field.  It is crucial to the health of a pet.  Yet it can be tempting in tight economic times to only fix what is broken or only grease the squeaky wheel.  In following this mentality, people tightly close their eyes and hope for the best.  While it is possible that the pet may escape disease, it is more likely that the owner will end up paying more treating a preventable condition than they would have spent preventing it.  More daunting is the potential for the pet...

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Mixed up Metabolism

Posted by Lindsey Haile on Wednesday, May 11, 2011,

Dozing Dogs & Chaotic Cats

The thyroid gland in pets rebels against conformity.  Instead of functioning at the same speed throughout life, it changes its pace.  This change can be due to shrinkage of the thyroid gland or hyper functioning nodules that develop on the gland.  In dogs the metabolic rate drops.  This decrease results in weight gain, a slower heart rate and sleepiness. Skin disorders, neurological abnormalities, behavioral changes and even reproductive, gastrointestinal, and hear...

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