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Dental Denial

Posted by Lindsey Haile on Tuesday, February 22, 2011

“Does my dog really need his teeth cleaned?”

That depends!  Some pets never need a dental cleaning, while others need frequent dental care.  As a general rule, dogs that are smaller, older, on moist diets or that have crowded teeth need the most dental care.  In regards to dental health, there is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  Providing you have a well mannered dog, lift the upper lips and examine the mouth.  The Good: A healthy mouth has white, clean, firm teeth and healthy pink (or black depending on the color of your dog) gums.  The mouth should be free from infection, masses, foreign bodies or foul breath.  A Good mouth probably does not need a cleaning.  The Bad: A dental is in order if there is tartar on the teeth, the gums are raised or reddened, or if any teeth are loose or fractured.  If your dog’s breath makes you grimace, an infection might be present.  A dental exam and cleaning should be scheduled as soon as possible.  The Ugly: Your pet absolutely needs immediate dental care if you see pus at the gum line, if there are masses or foreign bodies in the mouth, or if your dog’s breath makes you hold yours!  February is dental health month at King William Veterinary Clinic.  Call to find out about our dental promotion.  Dental care is an important part of veterinary care.  Don’t be in dental denial!  Have your pet’s mouth examined. 

Lindsey N. Haile DVM

King William Veterinary Clinic





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