Are your pets protected against PARVO and DISTEMPER? 

We've seen cases of parvovirus and suspecteddistemper in 2017 and want to make sure your pet is protected!  Call us to check on your dog's vaccination status or to make an appointment for the proper vaccine(s)! (804) 769-3200

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There has been alarm aired by the media lately about the safety of Trifexis.  There was concern among some pet owners that their dogs died due to the use of Trifexis┬«, a heartworm preventive and intestinal parasite and flea therapeutic. This concern was aired on social media as well.  However, the AVMA reported on November 15, 2013 that it was determined through postmortem testing that the administration of trifexis was unrelated to the unfortunate deaths of those pets.  Trifexis is a widely used and very effective product and we will continue to offer it to our patients as deemed appropriate by the attending veterinarian.  Our doctors use the product on their own pets and will always make our product choices based on current data regarding safety and efficacy. 

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